Thursday's Top Ten - Installment 2


In no particular order, here are my favorite posts from this week.

  1. Everyday Cinnamon Rolls by Our Best Bites
    Yumm-O! Can't wait to try them!
  2. Scrapbook Space: Melissa Samuels by Scrapbook Trends Blog
    I love seeing other people's scrap spaces... and get ideas off of them!
  3. Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Wall Rack by 33 Shades of Green
    I'm not sure if I'd use it for wrapping paper, but I'd love one of these for ribbon!
  4. You Know You're a Photo Project Junkie When...  by Write. Click. Scrapbook.
    Love this project. Make sure you get all the way down to the end and look at the "today's Bonus" ideas.
  5. The Art of Being Still by Uncluttered
    How often do we take time to just be still?
  6. Pottery Barn Inspired Shelf by My Repurposed Life
    I have been looking for something like this for my son's room. Then, in addition to the hooks, I can do some that are just a simple shelf but look similar.
  7. What to Do When You Can't Possibly Prepare Enough by the Simple Dollar
    What a great reminder to save! Keeping Ellen's family in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. My First Ever Product Review by Fill Up Your Mug and Sit Awhile
    I actually had the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins in my hand and almost in the cart... and then I put them back. But now that I know someone who tried them, I will definitely go back to make the purchase! Thanks Sarah R.
  9. Window Display Cabinet by My Repurposed Life (found through Remodelaholic)
    This looks similar to an old cabinet that a friend of mine had that I loved.
  10. Transforming Furniture by Unclutterer
    We don't have a small house, but I love these ideas for a child's room or to hide beds away when guests aren't visiting.

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