100 Sheet Challenge Update (31 Days and 80 Sheets Down)


Don't mind the bad photos this week... they were taken with my phone instead of my camera.

May 28th (LOAD Day 28)
3 sheets of paper used, 29 to go
LOAD28 May 2011

May 29th (LOAD Day 29)
2 sheets of paper used, 27 to go
LOAD29 May 2011

May 30th (LOAD Day 30)
3 sheets of paper used, 24 to go
LOAD30 May 2011

May 31st (LOAD Day 31)
4 sheets of paper used, 20 to go
LOAD31 May 2011

Load is over now and I still have 20 sheets of paper to use to meet my goal, which I am hoping I can meet by the end of June. However, my first task is to go back through some of my LOAD layouts and fix a few up (like the last one that was posted). Once I've gone back and fixed up some of the layouts I'm unhappy with, I would really like to finish my son's 3rd year scrapbook before my little girl arrives in August... I still have 12 layouts to do and I have to decide what to do about the two-week vacation we took last summer (separate book or just throw a two-page spread in his book or both)!

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