5 Favorites - Makeup


Although I realistically wouldn't go anywhere without my full makeup bag, if I had to whittle it down, here is what I would pack.
  1. Eyelash Curler
  2. Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin
  3. Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation with SPF 15 in Porcelain
  4. Bobbi Brown Face Powder in Pale Yellow
  5. CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara in Black Brown
Thanks to Cottage and Vine for hosting this link party.

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  1. I like Bobbie Brown too.

    Thanks for joining the party!


  2. I have read frequently about the benefits of an eyelash curler, but I just can't seem to make myself try one. I don't like things near my eyes, so I think it would be a battle every AM. Plus, what if pinched myself?

  3. Fun post, I decided to join in too, and follow up with a Fave 5 in scrapbooking stuff. Want to join me?


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