100 Sheet Challenge Update (6 Days and 22 Sheets Down)


May 1st (LOAD Day 1)
3 sheets of paper used, 97 to go

May 2nd (LOAD Day 2)
5 sheets of paper used, 92 to go

May 3rd (LOAD Day 3)
5 sheets of paper used, 87 to go

May 4rd (LOAD Day 4)
5 sheets of paper used, 82 to go

May 5th (LOAD Day 5)
0 sheets of paper used (digital), 82 to go

May 6th (LOAD Day 6)
4 sheets of paper, 78 to go

So, as of today, 78 sheets to go... I'm hoping I can make it!

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  1. At that pace, you'll have whipped through a 100 sheets in no time - you go girl!! And look at all those pictures you've scrapped - yay!!


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