Thursday's Top Ten - Installment 7


Now that I've caught back up with everything after our big trip to South Dakota, I'm ready to get back to blogging! More about my trip later, but for now, here's my top 10 for the week.

  1. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser from Moody Girl Projects
    Not only do I think this soap dispenser would be cool, depending on your decor of course, what I think is even cooler is the basic idea of making a "To Make" folder!
  2. The Multitasking Sleeper Chair from Unclutterer
    Love the JCPenny Sleepy Sleeper Chair! Think I may be picking one (or two) of them up soon!
  3. Assembly Line, Me — The Abridged Version from Elinjanne's Weblog
    I am itching for the start of Cathy's class... need to pick papers and keep writing.
  4. Messy Monday #24 - Circus Week from Clean Mama
    So sweet, and kids would have hours and hours of fun with this big top!
  5. Bento Box Basics For Back-To-School from Alphamom
    Thank you to Wendy from Wendolonia for more Bento! I cannot explain my infatuation of these bento boxes, so even though my Ben does not get a packed lunch yet, I am going to start doing it for me. For some of the history and instruction on how to create a balanced bento, check out Pangea's website. Hopefully I'll make it to their store next week to do some bento box shopping!
  6. One Person's Story: Making Use of Storage Space from Jeri's Organizing & Decluttering News
    Although those boxes aren't big enough to hold many of the things I currently store, this is a great idea for a tight space.
  7. Inspired by Pottery Barn from 38 Degrees North
    Love, love, love this bed... including the spot for Major, the dog (see other bed post).
  8. Brookstone Headboard from Knock-Off Wood
    Another great bed! I'm not sure if the plans are up for the entire bed, or just for the headboard, but love the look.
  9. How-To Pack a Car Safety Kit from Marta Writes
    I am so bad about keeping safety stuff in my car, especially during the summer months. However, now that I've moved up to my mommy minivan and have a kid in the car, I'm thinking I should be more responsible. Thanks to Kami for giving me the information to get started.
  10. Never As Easy As It Looks from Better in Bulk
    I've included this not only because anyone with children can relate, but those babies are so cute, I just want to kiss them!

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