Define Your Style - What I've Learned So Far


 "Define Your Style" is the LOAD Challenge for May.  I don't want to repeat the prompts, but I do want to write down what I've learned so far so that I can build upon it as the month continues.  This LOAD is definitely making me think...

Day 2
It took me days to come up with the adjectives to describe my scrapbooking style.  I'm still not sure that they are  the words that describe my style, but I'm going to run with them for now.

  1. Full
    I have a huge problem leaving "white" space on my layouts.  I want to squeeze as many pictures and as much journaling as I possibly can on one page.  My son's baby album is stuffed to the gills even with most of the pages having tons of pics on them.
  2. Authentic
    I can't scrap lift to save my life!  I can get ideas, but even if I try, I can't get a scrap lift to work.
  3. Pictoral
    I think I've only done one layout that doesn't have pictures on it.  I just am picture-driven.
Day 3
I don't use a ton of embellishments on one page.  I'm always afraid to use up what I have because I may want it for another layout and then it won't be there.  But I don't use them to make patterns and I use them functionally or in a small grouping.

Day 4
I like to mat my photos, but I don't always have the space or the time to do it.  I try to get all my papers to coordinate in some way.  I like the square pages... 12x12 or 6x6.  If I could only pick one color, it would be black.

Day 5
I'd love to learn more ways to get the distressed look!

Day 10
I'm over holiday pages, but will continue to do them because I know that I'll want to see them in the future!

Day 12
I do some sort of journaling on most of my pages.  I almost always handwrite it (mostly because I'm too lazy to get the printer going and everything lined up).  I don't always need journaling boxes, but I like to have straightness to my writing!

19 more days to go in the LOAD Challenge for May.  Wondering what else I will learn and how far I'll stretch my box!  Wish me luck!

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